Get a free quoteComplex apps made simple is a powerful platform that enables you to build complete, complex, bespoke iOS, Android and Web based apps at a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time.

Our Approach

Today, apps are too expensive to build and take too long. This is a huge issue for businesses looking to establish a bigger and better digital footprint or more efficiently engage with their audiences.
We offer a more complete and cost effective solution.

Customized To Your Needs

From managing your IoT devices, to engaging with your audiences and customers all over the world, our versatile platform allows you to simply manage daily operations, communications and customer interaction for any type of community with a beautiful, bespoke and simple to use digital experience.

Start building your app now Platform Features

Choose the modules that you need to build the best experience for your audience, such as Onboarding, Feed, Chat, Push Notifications, Payments/Subscriptions, Gamification, Location awareness, Mapping and encrypted chat and calls. All managed by you, through our Access Management System enabling real-time reporting, flexibility, customisation and updates.

Admin dashboard with KPIs and Reports.

Mobile Leader

Whether you are a brand owner or community manager, you are on the go!
Continue to manage your community and engage with your community members via your mobile device.
Engage Leader, our mobile app for community leaders, enables you to share relevant content, chat, adding new members and much more - Mobile First!

Mobile User Experience

Research shows that when you manage to get your users engaged, they spent 4 more times with the community (or brand) which increases loyalty dramatically. Research also shows that mobile native app is the preferable method of engagement by users.


Stop sharing your customer information & user profile with other social networks. Own the users and the data, these are your users.

Designed For Engagement

Chat applications rules. They have some kind of secret sauce. encapsulate this secret sauce into a tool-box of community (or brand) management tools for leaders. Each feature is picked and designed to enhance this secret sauce.

Ultimate BI & Dashboard

It is a well-known fact in our time, that growth only comes hand in hand with understanding the way your community members or customers are engaging with the community, brand or product. supplies access to a state of the art dashboard to follow users' statistics, number of active users, active chats, summary reports, etc.

Special Features

Pareto principle (80-20) works here too! While most communities need common features such as feed, chat and contact list, other features should be tailor-made like activity tracker for sports teams, unique sets of forms when insurers are concerned or goals setting if you are a mentor.

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