How to Market Your App

In our series of blog posts, we have been exploring the process of building and launching an app, and we have now reached the crucial stage of marketing the finished product. After all, with all the time and hard work involved in creating your very own app, it’s important to make sure that people know about it and want to get downloading.

The Importance Of Marketing

There are a number of approaches that can be taken to marketing your app, and they all hinge on the two key objectives: letting people know about your application (including its USP), and encouraging them to download it. Even apps which are free of charge face an ever-increasing field of competition, so it’s essential that you dedicate yourself to getting your marketing strategy right.

Fortunately, there are many simple marketing techniques that can be used to great effect, and which often cost nothing at all to implement. Start off by looking at aspects such as your landing page. This needs to be a clear and direct representation of your app’s unique ethos. Keep text to a bare minimum and let an engaging page do the talking instead. If your app is yet to launch, create excitement by adding a “teaser” landing page, that will entice customers into subscribing to your mailing list for notification of the official launch.

Social media is a great channel that, when used well, can draw a decent audience to your new app. This may require a little finesse because people don’t react well to being continually “sold” to, so instead, focus on building an account that provides enjoyable content with occasional references to promote your app. If your app is built to solve a specific problem, centre your account around showing your knowledge and expertise in this area: for example, if your app is a tool for showing the best places to buy used cars, fill your feed with the latest car news and buying tips. This will help to encourage the right customers to trust you and engage with your app.

Gaining good reviews helps build confidence, too, and is likely to encourage downloads. Ask current users for feedback, or use dedicated app review websites. If you want to reach even more potential users, why not try contacting a few tech websites or blogs? Send a pitch outlining what your app does and why they might want to cover it, and they just might return some free publicity for you. See here for more promotional ideas.

The Right Approach

The main focus of any app marketing campaign should be keeping things engaging for your audience. Just as concentrating on the user experience was pivotal during the app building stage, this mindset still applies when you want to encourage people to download. By following these tips, you should be able to get off to a flying start in marketing your app, and will hopefully soon be enjoying seeing the number of users grow.