How Important Is Your App’s Functionality?

When it comes to creating an app, there is no shortage of factors to consider. From the original concept through to design trends and even which platform to choose, the list is long and applies whether you are creating a mobile or a web app. However, as any good app developer will tell you, one aspect which should be firmly at the forefront of your mind is functionality.

Why Is Functionality So Important?

To understand why you should prioritise your app’s functionality, take a moment to consider the most basic role of any app. Regardless as to whether it is a mobile or a web app, an iOS app or an Android app, its core reason for being is to fulfil a specific task. If the app fails to be successful at carrying out the very thing it is intended to deliver, then it scarcely matters if it has fantastic animations or a fashionable design-led layout. Functionality must therefore be at the heart of the app-building process.

Factors To Consider

Functionality itself is a broad umbrella term and is often used to describe aspects such as usability and ease of navigation as well as the ability to personalise content to each individual user.

Ease of use is a fairly self-explanatory aspect of app design, so think carefully about how simple it is for a user to get to grips with your app. Consider accessibility issues, such as visual impairments, when choosing colour schemes and fonts, and ensure that your app is easy to navigate. Having search and filter capabilities is always welcomed by users, and don’t worry too much about including too many extra features that could detract from your app’s core purpose.

The Benefits Of Focusing On Functionality

Hopefully by now, you will agree that functionality is a crucial element of great app design, but if you need more convincing, consider the advantages that it can bring to your brand. Being able to deliver an app that has a reputation for delivering exactly what it sets out to achieve, whilst remaining simple to use, will help your app to stand out for all of the right reasons.

This is a major plus point in an increasingly crowded app market, and in a wider business landscape where effective customer engagement has never been so important. On the flip side, ignoring the principles of good functionality could see your app end up listed in articles such as this one, which runs through some pretty poor examples. And it’s not just small apps that can fall victim to neglecting functionality, as their damning review of the Fitbit app proves.

For anyone planning to focus on creating good functionality in their app, the next step is to discuss these plans with an app developer. This article offers a great jumping-off point for identifying useful features that can be included in your app to improve its functionality.

By keeping things simple and straightforward, you can create a perfect app that is sure to be loved by your users.