The 5 Best Apps in Property

Digital technology has significantly improved functionality and flexibility in the property market. It is a testament to the versatility of digitalisation that it can revolutionise an industry so rooted in the physical world but that’s what’s happening. From apps to assist in inventory inspection, lettings management, document signing and floor plan drafting through to property-finder apps and websites, there is a proptech tool for virtually every function in the property market. Here is a selection of five of the most impressive.


This app has been designed to simplify the business of arranging new tenancies. It is billed as the first fully mobile rental platform in the UK and it claims to enable landlords to rent out a property to one of its 15,000 users within an hour. It is built on the notion of direct contact between landlords and tenants and has been likened to dating apps and Uber for that reason. The app makes it simple to manage viewings and offers.

Landlords can load details of their properties, find tenants who match their criteria, communicate by direct message and agree the tenancy. Tenants sign up, state what they are looking for and where, contact landlords by direct message, and then proceed to contract.


Inventory inspections are an essential part of property rental, at the start and end of a tenancy and at regular intervals throughout. There are a range of procedures often carried out by inventory clerks. Inventorybase has developed an app which facilitates the process of conducting inspections and managing reports. Not only does it incorporate customisable inspection templates, speech-to-text and audio recording, rapid fire camera and digital signature capture, but it also makes it simple to archive reports and gives landlords easy online access to all rental history.


Its web presence is well established but Rightmove is also available as an app for iPhone and Android devices. It is the biggest online property platform in the UK and consistently features over 800,000 properties for sale as well as a very significant number to rent. They have established a vast network of local and national estate agents and are therefore able to offer unrivalled access to the property market. As their website says, ‘it is the only place where home buyers and renters can see almost the entire UK property market in one place.


Perfect for renters, this app helps you find the perfect property and even flatmates. You can input the profile of the kind of neighbourhood you want to live in, its commuting distance and any other geographical factors that matter to you and it will find matching options.


While other apps focus on the sale or rental of properties themselves, AroundMe’s unique proposition is that it gives you detailed information about the immediate area where any property is located. Originally designed to provide information to help users find services in an unfamiliar part of town, its application to the property market is obvious. It helps you assess the quality and availability of local schools, restaurants, shops, cinemas, hospitals, banks and transport.