The 5 Best Apps in Retail

Right now, e-commerce stores are flourishing. The smartest modern retailers have recognised that online shopping is now a powerful component in driving profits and ensuring the longevity of their brand, and, as a result, have launched impressive new mobile apps that can allow their customers to buy with ease via a smartphone or tablet. Not only does the customer experience benefit, but these retailers can also look forward to increased brand loyalty as a result. Read on to discover our pick of the best five retail apps in 2021.


This app is a truly groundbreaking arrival in modern e-commerce approaches, and it’s no wonder that investors recently flocked to support its expansion. Focusing on homewares, gifts and accessories, this retail app offers a fresh and attractive user experience, with easy navigation and swift access to customer support if required. The target customer is young and fashion-focused, and the products on offer change regularly to keep up with the very latest trends. Free global shipping is standard, making it a stand-out contender.


A household name where shoppers can find just about anything their heart desires, eBay has produced an excellent mobile app that makes browsing a breeze. For buyers, it can scan for products based on a user’s photo, and sellers can make light work of listing items with a handy barcode scanner. It’s easy to navigate, and currently enjoys a high download rate as a result: a huge 43% of Android users have this useful retail app installed.


Another app that is certain to be popular with fashion lovers, this brand was the original star of online fashion retail long before other brands followed suit. Now, ASOS has raised its game to move with the times and has produced an extremely impressive mobile app. Functionality is excellent, with the ability to suggest products based on photographs taken by users, and send useful nudges to let shoppers know about sales or other promotions.


This relative newcomer is swiftly storming up the ranks of most downloaded mobile app, and it isn’t hard to see why. Globally, more than 90 million people use Wish every month, attracted by its efficient user experience and great refund service. Shoppers can create multiple wish lists, track orders in real time and view their history with ease, making it a functional app with a few perks to boot, such as the ability to earn points which can be swapped for discounts.


We couldn’t leave the original online shopping giant off this list, and its mobile app makes for an essential download. With excellent functionality, Amazon’s app allows access to all of the key areas its shoppers need, such as customer support and a link to its popular Daily Deals section. Indeed, one of the strongest features of this app is its impressive similarity to its website, making navigation familiar and instinctive. Customers can access their account and search for anything they need, before enjoying the benefits of Amazon’s legendary fast shipping and free returns service.

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