The 5 Best Apps in HR

The Human Resources (HR) industry is certainly a fast paced one, and, regardless as to whether you’re dealing with finding the perfect candidates for a permanent position, or juggling a heavy roster of temporary placements, the chances are that any technology able to help out will be most welcome. Thankfully, just as in other business sectors, the app market for the HR industry has really taken off in recent years, giving you plenty of options to choose from. Here is our rundown of five of the best applications for HR. 

HR Management App 

It may not have as catchy a name as some of its rivals, but this application certainly packs an impressive punch when it comes to providing content. With plenty of videos, blogs, and podcasts available on an eye-watering range of HR related topics, it’s a must-have for anyone keen to stay on top of the latest industry innovations, new strategies and insights into how HR leaders work. With information on everything from employment law to training, this superb app is available on both Android and iOS, and is absolutely free. 


Whilst not marketed as a dedicated HR app, Trello is nevertheless an ideal partner for those working in this sector. The app makes project management and other collaborative work a breeze, with useful functions such as deadline setting, task delegation, and communication all built in. Clear visuals ensure that the app is easy and intuitive to use, and is available on both Android and iOS.

When I Work

This app is the ideal choice for those looking to manage shift workers or temporary employees. With the ability to schedule and time track employees, it helps ensure that you stay on top of vital attendance metrics. It also has features that take care of communication and is very easy to set up and use. Available as both a desktop and a mobile app, it enables HR staff to keep checking in with their placements wherever they may be working from themselves.

Bamboo HR 

This excellent app is a real boon for any HR professional, boasting an impressive range of easy to use features which can be customised to your agency’s needs. From payroll to managing timesheets, many daily HR processes can be handled on this intuitive app, making it a superb option for remote workers. It integrates with a great many other HR systems, making it the perfect all-round complement to an existing IT infrastructure. 


A classic tool for many in recruitment, the LinkedIn app should be considered an essential download for anyone in the HR game. Indeed, 60% of LinkedIn users have the app. The basic free version provides plenty of scope for making connections, but the premium version should be considered in order to get the most benefit. Easy to navigate, fast and secure, the LinkedIn app offers a great user experience. LinkedIn itself has been working to develop its own business apps, such as LinkedIn Recruiter, which is a superb way to find and contact potential candidates.

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