The Best Apps For Students

While previous generations of students were left to fend for themselves when it came to organising their time, managing finances, and handling stress, the current crop of excellent mobile apps means that today’s learners can access plenty of useful support. Importantly, they can also keep it close at hand on their smartphone or tablet. Not only will these apps provide a treasure trove of valuable information and resources, knowing that your young person has such an app installed on their device can be a great source of reassurance for parents, too. 

Best For Revision

Exams and tests are an inevitable part of student life, so get prepared with an app like Cram. This study aid takes the familiar flashcard approach to revision, with an extensive library of ready-made cards available to use, as well as the option to make your own. There is also an essay bank for those needing a little inspiration, and a useful plagiarism checker.

Best For Citations

CiteThisForMe is a gamechanger for anyone who hates typing up endless reference lists. Simply scan the book with your smartphone and the citation will be saved in whichever referencing format is required, from Harvard style to Vancouver. 

Best For Study Skills

Whether it’s working collaboratively on a team assignment, or brainstorming ideas, the GoConqr app is an essential addition to any smart student’s device. This app has plenty of fantastic learning resources to make use of, including mind maps, quizzes and slides, as well as a sharing function that makes group projects enjoyable and interesting.

Best For Organisation

Modern students are likely to have a lot of personal time management skills to develop, from balancing their studies with part-time jobs (indeed, a fifth of students do more than one job), to keeping up with hobbies and socialising. AnyDo helps keep track of your busy life, synchronising calendars, organising tasks and allowing you to create to-do lists. 

Best For Finances

Currently the number one for finance app downloads, Mint is a perfect app for students who want to stay in control of their money. Track where your money is going with helpful charts and see the status of all of your accounts and credit cards in one place. Best of all, this impressive app is completely free of charge, so it’s perfect for the budget-conscious.

Best For Mindfulness 

With a staggering 80% of students reporting feelings of stress, it’s important that individuals take steps to protect their mental health. Installing a mindfulness app can be an excellent tool for helping students to relax and calm their thoughts, in a way that is easily accessible at a time and place that is convenient to them. One of the best of these apps is Headspace, which has programmes designed to help with sleep, focus, and reducing stress.